Bus Shelter VI

Bus Shelter VI


This is the final picture from the bus shelter sequence.

I make no apology for the brightness of the reflections from the plastic wrapping because it lifts the dynamic of the image and because it seems to me to come from a different dimension…..a sort of duality of time and space…..

Introspection is a feeling that emanates from this scene………a time to reflect…..

It is, after all a picture with very little content, and that content leads to questions about intention, relationships, and mood………..and it requires an engagement on the part of the viewer as to what meaning it may impart…….



14 thoughts on “Bus Shelter VI

  1. … *shutterclick* … 😉 This one is my favourite in the series! 🙂 The frames cutting the person inside these peanut shaped maybestickersorwhatever along with the scratches in the glas… lovely. And the dark clothing does very well with the lighter plastic bag and its content.

    • Yes, this is the most obscure of the series, but the others lead you into this one, and I would have thought that the title adds nothing specific to give further indicators. It’s about a journey into mood and abstraction and is less a picture ‘of’ something, than a picture ‘about’ …….perhaps a dream, perhaps half seen memories, mainly about feelings, and of sadness, loneliness and despair.
      In my preamble I mentioned my reflection about time and space in this image and the face that’s formed by the two light patches on the glass together with the pursing mouth of the plastic folder confirm the duality of the our experience of image and memory and recognition. Pictures operate on a number of different levels and we bring our jumble of experiences to bear when we are confronted by slightly puzzling or ambiguous situations.
      Here endeth my impromptu lecture……

      • John, thank you for the detailed on this series. One of the downsides of blogging is that you don’t see the body of work at one time. Maybe forming them in a gallery might help. The last in the “Bus Shelter” series fits nicely into the series but if they were arranged in an exhibition it might have been the strongest image by culminating in the mysterious and feelings of alienation, loneliness and despair.
        I would suggest that you try to find a place to show the body of work. Together it has a strength that each work does not have by itself.

        • This is very true Tim. In fact yesterday I was in discussion with the person who manages the galleries in the county in the hope of arranging an exhibition of some recent work. Over the past few years I have many small shows with up to 60 framed prints and it’s rewarding to see a body of work all together. Also I had intended to place sets of images in gallery format on the blog, especially as I’ve recently celebrated 3 years of blogging, but family matters have had to take precedence. There’s a lot to be said for working thematically and the shelter series has encouraged me to start working more methodically. We shall see.
          Of one thing I am sure, I find blog formats that bombard you with dozens of pictures as soon as you open them are very confusing, so I prefer to focus on a sequence of individual pictures, but I will consider the occasional gallery set. Thanks for your kind encouragement.

          • I agree with you on the bombardment of images. I’ve stopped following someone when frustration exceeds the satisfaction.
            I hope you are successful with the exhibition. My disappointment is not being able to see it in person.

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