Mist on the Meadow

Mist on the Meadow


You can go for days without taking a single photo, then along comes a one hour slot where there’s a picture at every turn. This one was taken at the end of the road at a point where there are simply no photographic opportunities….never….

Perhaps I should make a belated new year resolution……always take the camera…..I’ve missed so many pictures, not having the camera with me. So many times it’s not down to the location, it’s down to the light, the weather and the time of day……and this is the moment……when a picture is made…..in my humble opinion….and it’s moody…..and there are unanswered questions……about significance….



14 thoughts on “Mist on the Meadow

  1. Yep. Always, always take the camera with you. Today I’m waiting for a reasonably cold winter. There’s a place not too far away that I used to pass every (working) day twice. It looked lovely in the morning or in the evening with all the mist and snow and stuff — whenever I had my camera left at home. 😦
    Today: No snow, temperature as in spring, lots of rain, so everything is soaking wet. And said place is just brown and boring…

    • Hmmm…..brown and boring here too, though we did have a few snow showers yesterday.
      …..and it isn’t just having your camera with you…….you have to stop the car……make an effort…….and I’m guilty of laziness far too often.
      …and I’m now looking out for public art…..I enjoyed your window manikin……….unexpected art….very good.

      • Thanks! 🙂 That window manikin was in fact one of those “coincidential” shots. I was returning from a photo walk when I saw it. My first thought was someone watching – which I guess was the intention of whoever placed it in the window 😀
        I’m surprised of how little information is available on the artwork in public place. The all so often praised Internet does rarely know anything about most of it. I now was able to get a contact in our local administration who might provide me with some information. Hopefully.
        Funny, when I was a kid, I could make no sense of all these “Heimatmuseum” (museum of local history) around. And now, some decades later, I start to delve into the very same subject… How time changes oneself…
        And about the effort, that particular scenery was one of easy shots. So easy that it’s worth the (lesser) effort. 😉 The problem I face is more that of heavy equipment. Spent my money on a gorgeous but heavy and clumsy DSLR with appropriate glass… Sometimes, I really wish, I would have bought something lighter like a Fuji X or Ricoh GR… (sometimes).

        • We have some good small local museums where villagers have come together to provide photos and memorabilia and they can be really interesting.
          I used to use a heavy DSLR but am very happy with my Olympus OMD which is great for traveling and street photography as its small and less conspicuous.

  2. Good resolution 🙂 I was going to say that sometimes the big DSLR is a bit much to lug around but I see you have something smaller for those unexpected moments…Love your shot by the way!

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