Evening in Hampi

Evening in Hampi


The fourteenth or fifteenth century bazaar at Hampi was occupied by villagers at the time of our visit in 2009 and at the time I gained the impression that a visitor outlet centre was being built away from the remains of the Vijayanagara capital. It is to be hoped that they have not moved these residents out of the bazaar because without them the place would be lifeless and hardly worth visiting.

The low evening light, the figures and trees, and the varied details of the architecture, make this a very pleasant scene.



5 thoughts on “Evening in Hampi

  1. I agree that this is a very pleasant scene. I find the element of “threes” working very well in your image – three doors and three people. I’m drawn to the horizontal of the people and the doors. The trees and much of the foreground dirt seem to take away from the focus of the image. What would the image look like cropped into a panoramic?

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