February Storm 2

February Storm 2


A very happy new year to my fellow bloggers.

A year ago we experienced some fierce storms and February 1st was one of the worst. In this view, taken near Nunn Mill Bay, the waves break over the coastal road and the gale force winds made it difficult to keep the lens clear of the spray.

In the distance is the lighthouse on Ross Island.

I have given this photo a graphic treatment in an attempt to bring out the detail in water and ground surface.



19 thoughts on “February Storm 2

    • Hmmm…..yes, Tim, a violent and somewhat edgy image with the trees looking frantic and the wave breaking into a dragon form……and yes, I got quite wet….feet especially, as I tried to make my way along the road to the right in between the breaking waves…..exiting and scary at the same time.

        • I’d like to make such claims, Tim, but there have been two bad storms and one car rally where I was possibly rather foolhardy…….apart from that most of my photography is a short stroll from the car……so you’re never likely to see breathtaking views from atop a mountain, much as I would enjoy the results, but not the effort in getting there.

          • I suspect this is a case of English/Scotish modesty. (I’m not sure on the nationality issue here and surely don’t want to raise any ire.) ((then I’m not sure if England and Scotland are separate)) (((I think I’ll stop – digging myself deeper)))

            • Aha…..keep digging…..at the moment, two nations and one United Kingdom…….so I consider myself British first and English second while living in Scotland.
              ….and I’m not in the least modest….quite the opposite…..very conceited and self opinionated so my wife says.

              Back to sacrifices…….the greatest sacrifice is the time I spend sitting in front of my Mac……but there’s no gain without pain, so they say.

              Methinks you have dug deep enough!

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