The View from Hayling Island

The View from Hayling Island


I missed some great shots earlier as we approached the bridge that links the island to the mainland. The sun was coming across in patches of light from under that cloud, but all too fleetingly, and despite parking on a footpath I missed the light. This view from the bridge partly made up for it. The view is towards Portsmouth.



7 thoughts on “The View from Hayling Island

  1. John I really like this image. In someways I’m glad you missed the light. This is much more suitable to your recent moody images with lower light. The way you’ve captured the clouds leads my eye back to the horizon. As I look more closely, I begin to pick out the boats grounded at low tide and other details. If the image had been brighter I would not have had to work, enjoyably so, at understanding the details. So in this case, hurrah for timing.

    • Indeed, yes, the mood and lighting are very different from my initial apprehension of the scene, and probably better for it. My pictures do seem to be getting darker…..and more to come.
      Thanks again, Tim.

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