Sea & Sand Sunset

Sea & Sand Sunset


Risking life and limb (isn’t that a funny word, limb?)

Risking life and limb, to bring you the shocking details of the quicksands and the battle to save a group of strangers who were sinking as the sun set and the tide advanced.

But maybe another day…..

In the meantime, here is a lovely sunset.




7 thoughts on “Sea & Sand Sunset

  1. John, what a really stunning image. I love how you’ve kept the entire image in focus. It enhances the horizontal texture of the sand. The moving lines that separate the water and sand leads the eye out the three people just below the horizon. The reflections in the water also adds strength to the image. I think you should consider printing this one. It might be difficult considering the tonal differences in the sand are limited. On a glossy paper the image might really pop. Nicely done.

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