Autumn Monochrome

Autumn Monochrome


You could have had in-your-face autumn colours, but being somewhat of a timorous beastie I decided to be subtle and allow you to exercise your imagination. If you’re finding that difficult I’ll give you a hint. Think yellow and orange.

That was a bit obvious smithy, don’t you think?


Well they will know what autumn looks like, won’t they?

No, not necessarily…..what if they live in India?…….and those that live in N America….. they call autumn something else…..they may not know what I’m referring to.

Oh yes, you have a point. So wouldn’t it have been better to let them see the colour version?




11 thoughts on “Autumn Monochrome

  1. Luminous and lovely with light!
    I really like it in monochrome; it makes me want to be there.
    (I recently posted a monochrome sunset … another scene that somehow we feel should stay in color. But it turned out pretty well).

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