Sneaton Farmyard

Sneaton Farmyard


We were actually looking for Sneaton Church but I turned down the wrong track and ended up here instead.

The old farmer was quite happy about me taking some photographs but the horse was totally indifferent so he went inside and was replaced by some chickens that sat in a row on the stable door.

I’m fairly sure that this farmyard was used for a scene in the Yorkshire TV soap, Emmerdale… there you go…..more useless information!

3 thoughts on “Sneaton Farmyard

  1. Wonderful image. You’ve framed this image so well. The “V” shape from down the horse’s nose and wood leaning against the building to the red object and then up to the window frame, then door frame and top of the roof. The inclusion of the red object is brilliant. Your eye is drawn to it then moves up each side of the “V” The red of the object and green moss on the roof are complementary colors and make the image very comfortable to look at.

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