Through the Gate

Through the Gate


As I write this it was just three weeks ago there were leaves on the trees and there was warm sunshine.

Three weeks pass and all have gone.

…..but it’s not all bad. I like the seasons end. The starkness of the landscape with the tracery of bare branches can be welcomed almost as much as the thrill of seeing those first fresh leaves in springtime.

This view shows the grounds surrounding the Abbey at Dundrennan. We’ve had an unusually lovely autumn with the leaves turning all shades of red, rather than curling up and going a miserable brown at the sudden shock of cold weather. What amazes me here is how fresh and green are those leaves that remain on the trees. The sap kept rising until very late in the season.

Yesterday’s sunshine welcomed me into the garden….. a rare event…..and it’s just as well that it did because today it’s blowing a gale and the rain is chasing a few damp leaves around the lawn.



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