By the Tree

By the Tree


This ancient tree stands by the Tungabhadra overlooking a bend in the river. Around it are the ancient monuments of Hampi.

Earlier I had witnessed the sacred washing of the temple effigy in the steadily flowing waters and now, with the procession returning, it was time to spend a moment in the shade of this revered tree. Here there was chai available to the passing pilgrims and tourists. Postcards too are just a few Rupees, and they provide a meagre income for the sellers, usually boys, seeking to build a business.

The scene almost looks like a film set, but its no painted backdrop, and this tree made a very welcome spot of shade after walking in the heat of the day.



10 thoughts on “By the Tree

    • Hi Charles and welcome. It’s good to hear from you. I enjoyed listening to the Tippett. I was tempted to buy it but am out of credit just today after downloading from iTunes for the first time. I really must make time to listen to more diverse musical genres. I was after the Glagolitic Mass but ended up with Rude by Runaground…..
      Have a great day.

      • Love the Glagolitic Mass, went to a prom where it was performed a few years ago, must say I don’t know “rude” or the group at all, but maybe I will seek it out and give it a listen. Charles.

        • I have an old Supraphon recording of the Glagolitic, but wanted a version to play on my Mac. It’s difficult when you are familiar with one version and then listen to others and there are dozens of versions. The dynamics rarely compare well. Shostakovich 5 is a case in point…..stuck in my ways..!

          • I like variety, so follow lots of different types of music, and listen to as many different recordings as possible; their always seems to be something new to hear and to learn from different interpretations.

            • I rarely am able to just sit and listen, so I fear that music all too often is background to my photography and writing, but it can strike straight through to the heart and emotions more than any other medium. Perhaps I need to exercise my emotional side more. Thanks for the chat.
              Regards, John.

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