The Road Home

The Road Home


Scotland may be our adopted home but home is where the heart is and this prospect is always a welcoming one when that familiar piece of landscape comes into view. Though only taken 12 days ago, the Autumn gales have done their worst and most of the trees are bereft of their leaves. Leaden skies have replaced the blue and it really feels that we are moving into those dark days of winter.

Today, after a rather late lunch, we drove down to The Doon, a small sandy beach that’s immediately behind that clump of trees on Saint Mary’s Isle in the centre of the picture. Today, though, we dressed in our fleeces and greatcoats against the blustery south westerlies; the first time since March that the weather has taken a turn for the worse. It’s rewarding that our photographic efforts can bring reminders of the good times.



14 thoughts on “The Road Home

  1. Such a beautiful image, John…that would be a sweet view to see every day, or however often, when driving home. This has somewhat of a painterly feel to it, although I can’t see that I’ve ever seen a painting with such detailed clouds. Very nice….

    • Yes, indeed, you noticed the overcooked clouds, Scott. Somedays my enthusiasm runs away with me……I will delete 30 images as a penance.

      I must not overcook clouds. I must not overcook ………..

  2. A lovely image. Scotland remains, to me, one of the most beautiful countries on this planet. Your photos make me want to return. Heck, hearing a random bagpipe note makes me want to return but your images make me happy!

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