A Special Place

A Special Place


My first impressions of Badami were quite overwhelming. A place that has remained special to me, and that’s quite a spiritual feeling.

It’s just an ordinary small town, yet the setting must have a lot to do with its attraction. These sandstone cliffs run in an unbroken line for several miles and this little town has somehow wedged itself into this gap like a stopper in a bottle.

It’s a very old place. The lake or tank was formed in about the 5th century and there are stone inscriptions that date from the 6th century. Those who came here all those centuries ago must also have felt the spirituality of the location because they carved the cave temples that you can see in the far cliff. Those date from the 7th century.

The surrounding district is wonderful as well. Just east of here there are two World Heritage Sites at Pattakadal and Aihole where some of the earliest stone temples were built. It’s a place I want to go back to. It has a strange draw upon me.



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