Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters


With over 900 square kilometres, the backwaters of Kerala are a world renowned vacation destination. On my first visit here we were taken out in a canoe, only a little larger that this example, and our boatman had a real struggle to get through some of the smaller channels because of the floating weed that you see. In fact at one point he got out and waded waist deep through the water to try and clear a path. The weed is water hyacinth and it spreads rapidly, quickly choking waterways and it would seem that nobody knows what to do about them. They must make the lives of those who live and work here much more difficult and are probably causing damage to the rich eco system. They originated in South America and like other non native species such as Japanese Knotweed , they are taking over. I do hope some solution can be found because if not, they will damage the tourist trade that supports the local economy.



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