Chalakudy Rapids

Chalakudy Rapids


It’s maybe not usual to associate a view like this with India, which is more often seen as a land teeming with people, and having noisy and overcrowded cities. Despite this there are huge expanses of the country where wildlife, forest, and mountains hold sway. Everywhere on the planet wildlife is under threat and the Indian Tiger is a prime example. In this region we saw monkeys and elephants roaming the forests and the state government is playing its part by limiting access in the dry season and in trying to persuade people not to take plastic bottles with them when they visit. Unfortunately the throw away society is too often taken literally here and I’ve been disgusted with the way things are thrown out of train windows or at beauty spots by seemingly well educated locals.

You might say that Kerala, which styles itself as ‘God’s Own Country’, may at times be considered to be ‘God’s Own Dustbin’, but not, fortunately just here on the banks of the Chalakudy River.



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