Bamboo Island



Bamboo Island

I’m sitting here, listening to the flow of the river in my head……. And watching the fluttering of the bamboo leaves in my imagination and that’s centring me, if you know what I mean.

In reality, the first heavy rains of autumn are beating a steady, if erratic beat on the roof windows, out in the darkness of night and it feels like those days spent in a tent when I was a child……. Sort of cozy.

… this picture, in fact. Kind of cozy.

2 thoughts on “Bamboo Island

  1. I like this description you have of memories invoked by the picture.
    Reminds me of; waking early in a tent after a rain storm, having spent the start hoping that the proofing holds the water out. The fresh and clean air just before you spoil it with cooking bacon,sausages & egg ….. 🙂
    Do you mean to say you don’t camp any more – criminal with such lovely scenery.


    • Hi David, we took our own kids camping and they loved it, but I’m not sure I would want to camp in India. In any case the accommodation is very reasonably priced which was the reason for camping in the first place.

      I liked your comment about spoiling the fresh air with bacon and egg…..what a way to live…..!….. great memories.

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