Look at the Camera, Please!

Look at the Camera, Please


One of the ‘This is my World” series where homo sapiens are seen in their eco system; in their environment.

Here, the structuring of this homo sapiens’ world is of a fairly basic level with things pigeon holed and stacked in a loosely ordered fashion rather like this homo sapiens as he looks around his desk with its small piles of paper scraps with ‘information’, and ‘to remember to do’ and’ I used this book yesterday but have yet to put it back on the bookshelf’ sort of environment. The most worrying environmental consideration is the ‘I have left this item here because I don’t know what system of categorisation to apply to it’.

This man’s world seems to have him in a straightjacket. He is resident here, but his eco system is controlling him. It is a place where time stands still or moves forward only very slowly. In evolutionary terms this is a dead end. He seems to recognise this.

I recognise this. I go through the same routine every single day before posting to this blog. Around me, and around this man, there is the detritus  of those routines; the diary, the wallets of colour prints, the battery charger, the pencils, a magnifying glass, a Christmas card from last year to remind me to get in touch,  the folded piece of paper towel on which I place my coffee cup, the iTunes gift card that has been here since my birthday in May, the Wacom Tablet cd ……………………In evolutionary terms this is a dead end.

I did tidy up last month.

Now I find myself staring at the screen rather like this man is staring at the camera. There’s a certain equilibrium here.

Is this how the dodo felt?



7 thoughts on “Look at the Camera, Please!

  1. Much to think on here … my patients often here me talk about controlling life rather than letting it control us.
    Until we figure all this out, I’ll gladly join you at the party!

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