Cycling in Kochi

Cycling in Kochi


Photo taken just outside Beena’s Homestay in Fort Kochi. On an earlier visit to this area I had stayed at Beena’s with friends Dave and Penny.

When I arrived here in February 2013 I had a day to myself before friend Ian arrived from Kuala Lumpur.

I had come from the airport, over an hour away, with my heavy case, and  still in my British winter clothing. Initially I walked around trying to find somewhere that I could leave my case but the heat was debilitating. Fortunately Najeeb came along in his auto rickshaw and saved the day. He took me to Beena’s Homestay where she welcomed me, and although she had no spare room, she stored my case and allowed me to take a shower and get into clothing more suited to the climate. Only then was I ready for anything……



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