Spice Warehouse

Spice Warehouse


Powerful, powerful smells of spices.  In these sacks were cinnamon sticks, dried leaves of oregano, coriander, bay and mint, there was cardamon, clove, ginger and vanilla, not forgetting nutmeg, black pepper, rosemary, curry leaves, thyme, basil and sage, and all inside the warehouse that you saw in yesterday’s post.

This is a place noses were made for.



4 thoughts on “Spice Warehouse

  1. I love your photography. I am just getting started with a new SLR. I’d love to know some of the settings or filters you’re using to get these amazing shots! I’m not sure if photographers do that or if you’re like magicians and never tell the secrets! I’m not trying to copy anyone’s work, just trying to figure out my new equipment and possibilities.

    • An interesting question, Pam……how long have you got?
      As a teacher I played some part in delivering a photography course and as a retired art teacher I go to galleries and look at photography and painting. All that has shaped my approach. I am not a purist photographer and knowing about the history of photography, I’m aware that photographers have always edited their pictures, so I consider my photography as a creative pursuit. As a member of a camera club I see the amazing work that the top creatives are capable of, and though I aspire….. there’s still a long way to go. As a blogger who attempts to post a different image each day, I have seen my approach to subject matter and processing evolve. So it did not come out of a box, though what comes out of a box can be helpful.
      So my answer is: try to work out what you want. Try to develop an approach to images. Try to develop the technical skills in all aspects from using the camera through to processing. Perhaps join a camera club.
      I am quite happy to tell you my secrets….. but that would take a while, and this is not the place to do that.

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