The Sunday Outing

The Sunday Outing


This sylvan setting is actually right in the centre of town on the Moat Brae which overlooks the harbour and the River Dee. Previously I have posted a view of a fine Rolls Royce in the same spot, but looking the other way out over the river.

This scene has strangely given me an unexpected yearning for the past, when times were simpler, somehow.

We regularly, when I was a child, went to a local beauty spot called Little Hay and in the Spring carried armfuls of bluebells back home with us. I can still see the bluebell stems standing in the glass vase that my mother placed in the front room bay window and the smell from them was heady.

This old Rover captures completely the mood of those times

The boy has, for some reason, put his hand into the mouth of the canon that stands sentinel, pointing out over the river. In the Springtime last year this same canon had its mouth filled with a large bunch of daffodils that had been plucked from the field of yellow growing amongst these mature trees. Perhaps we frown upon picking flowers now, but there’s no better use for a canon of war.



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