The Open Road

The Open Road


This photo was taken as I drove home from visiting the old folk and it was taken as the road drops down from the ridge at Gillroanie towards the inlet of Kirkcudbright Bay.

Earlier, as I travelled east, I had followed a group of about six classic cars as they went on a drive along the coast road. They were all visiting the area for the Kirkcudbright (that’s Ker-coo-bree) Classic Car Event. Later in the afternoon I chatted with the driver of this smart old Rover and offered to send this photo to him. I hope that he likes it.

The scene takes me back to my childhood when my father drove us to the coast for our summer holidays when the roads, like here, were comparatively empty, and the leather seats were hot on bare legs  in the summer sunshine. One year, when we returned from a holiday in Devonshire, my father tied two rabbits that he’d shot, to the back of the car, which my mother would have skinned on our return. I don’t recall eating them, but then, it was a long time ago.



2 thoughts on “The Open Road

    • …..and your kind comments are always appreciated…….thanks Tim. You know, I would love to own an old car like that…..but regret I don’t look after cars very well. Mine always needs a good clean.

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