I Got His Number ….. !

I Got His Number ..... !


……..I got his number …….. but he nearly got mine.

We had positioned ourselves behind some large sheds just off the  track and I had been watching and photographing here for a while so thought I knew where it was safe to be.

The top photo was taken by John Lindsay and that’s me kneeling in the foreground. The second shot is mine and was taken a fraction of a second earlier as the back end of the car started to break away as it went past me. The surprise of getting blasted with grit left all my photos rather blurred but it does add to the drama. The car ended up facing in the direction it had come and he lost a good few seconds by overdoing his approach to the corner.

Those could have been my last few seconds…..

We were both using long lenses so that the drama seems closer………..but it was close enough, ……. close enough ….!



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