Well, o.k., it’s usually quiet and undisturbed hereabouts, but last Saturday you could hear 70+ cars tearing frantically around this 7+ mile circuit like they were demented.

That pleasant grove of trees over there seemed to amplify the racket, and the roaring and backfiring coming from there sounded like some cars were blowing their gussets.

At the invitation of two friends, John and Ian, I joined then for a day at the Solway Coast Car Rally at the normally serene Dundrennan Ranges and we visited several locations to watch the drivers struggle to propel their noisy beasts as fast as possible around  tight corners like this.

Going sideways was one technique, aided no doubt by a brief application of the hand brake. ………not brief enough, though, as he spun completely round and ended up exiting backwards. What fun. Would love to have a go…… someone else’s car, of course……



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