I may return to my 30th July files taken in Glasgow, but for the present this is the last of 12 photos of that fair city.

For some strange reason they are pretty well all dark images if not completely monochrome and I’ve enjoyed them for that very reason.

This is not the end of dark or monochrome photography because tomorrow’s picture continues the theme.

Glazed………hmmm………s’funny, I’ve been feeling totally glazed for about a week now……you know that feeling where you would rather stare at the wall than connect with the day…….perhaps preparing for the art & crafts trail took more out of me than I expected……

Ah well, tomorrow I’m off to shoot a car rally, so if that doesn’t wake me up perhaps I should get measured for my box……



4 thoughts on “Glazed

  1. I am loving these dark, moody images. This one really speaks to me – I find myself getting lost in all the angles. My eye will travel in one direction then turn on a beam into another direction. So many layers of discovery. Thank you for your imagery of Glasgow. I’m finally getting to see some of the wonderful city that I missed. Actually, I was rather totally glazed during that day, as you recall! Jet lag is a terrible thing. Have fun shooting the car rally and don’t you dare get measured for a box!

    • When I prepared this post last Friday, little did I realise that fate nearly intervened with the box measurements on Saturday……..but all will be revealed in due course……..

      Suffice to say….. I survived the day

  2. Great photo! I love these train stations and always enjoy going through the big London stations. While I appreciate spectacular modern air and rail terminals, I really love the old ones, Paddington is my favourite. I dropped my wife off for a flight at the brand new Terminal 2 at Heathrow last week. (Its very similar to the newish T5) I can’t help feeling sad that the old 1960’s Terminal 2 is now gone forever. I don’t know if you’d ever been through that one but the arrivals hall was very beautiful.
    You have inspired me with this photograph to take the kids into central London this week!!

    • Hi Peter……I love Paddington as well, after all it is the start of God’s Wonderful Railway and I have a number of early C19 photos of Paddington. I’m in the throes of writing a sic-fi story which features the station in a London fog and also in heavy snow……I can see the image in my head….. from inside a family saloon as the train pulls out from under the station screen with the snow falling heavily and blowing inside through the ill fitting windows, Your namesake, Peter, lights the gas jet in the small kitchen in order to warm things up, because the chemical foot warmers are totally inadequate for the conditions…….the train later runs into a drift in Sonning Cutting and somebodies’ Irish nephew gets run down by a locomotive that silent slides through the blinding snow as an easterly gale brings southern Britain to a standstill…….Hmmm….I still have to write this section…….feeling a bit chilly now.

      Have a great visit to London.

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