Display 2

Display 2


I threatened another of these window display shots, and here it is. The previous one was not met with a barrage of approval and I like this a lot less.

Perhaps they are just poor photos or perhaps landscapes meet with greater approval, and while the subject and context is somewhat incongruous, I quite like these staring, pouting mannikins.

I like the way the ambiguity of the refections contrives to merge a private and a public world. It reminds me of the occasion when we took a school trip to Paris. While passing through darkened streets, late in the evening, some of the girls took objection to the ladies of the night who were caught by spotlights behind partially drawn curtains. It was somewhat unexpected to see those young people who often seem to be challenged for their loose morals, taking the moral high ground.

It was a good opportunity for them to practise their French……..



6 thoughts on “Display 2

  1. I quite like this window shot and confess I’ve not seen the other yet. Of all urban photography, window shots are my favorites. So many ways to do them, so many interpretations. I like this! And that’s a great story about the youth in Paris…

  2. I love reflection shots, you get the most candid looks from people since you’re not pointing the camera at them. Not to mention, the look of the two images fusing together, makes for an interesting image.

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