Sunny Mossyard

Sunny Mossyard


The weather has been stunning this week with a 29 or 30C noted this afternoon which for Scotland is scorching. Now at first glance you might think that this shot was taken recently, but, no, this was January when I had to take off my gloves in order to shoot the picture……and a January that was very stormy……so this was one of the few winter days when we saw some sunshine.

In the heat this week I’ve been busy cutting mount board and sorting frames instead of getting out and enjoying the weather…….and very much overheating even with the fan going, trying to get a set of pictures ready for a small show in the Left Bank Gallery in Kirkcudbright that can be viewed over next weekend in the Art & Crafts Trail which brings lots of visitors into the town. If you are in the area please drop in and say hi, and you can even buy a copy of this photo…..!



6 thoughts on “Sunny Mossyard

  1. I really like the clarity of this image. Crystal! Congratulations on your forth coming exhibit. Exciting. I hope you will share with the rest of us the images that are in the exhibition.

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