Temple Textures

Temple Textures


Sometimes the prevailing lighting in places like this is just lovely, but often you know that your camera just can’t cope with the wide range of light and either you don’t even attempt to capture it, or you come away disappointed with the results. This, of course, was taken before I even knew what HDR was, let alone tried to use it and although occasionally I would have bracketed a couple of shots in the hope of success, the idea of merging them together, for me anyway, was very rarely attempted. The only software I was using then was Photoshop 7 and I don’t think that it had the facility to merge images like you can now, and today I’m very happy to have access to Photomatix Pro, though maybe like me, you go through phases of working in HDR and you have to go out shooting in a more considered and planned way to make the best use of it, and most of the time I just grab shots to make the most of an unexpected opportunity, rather than making a more considered approach……I guess that both ways can serve us well but I do need to be a better organised, better structured photographer.

This 2004 photo was taken on my first digital camera, a Minolta Dimage 7, which actually did a very good job and I liked its colour rendition. Minolta replaced my first camera after it developed a fault, so I was impressed with their service. Since then I have worked with Olympus cameras, and really enjoy my OM-D.

Angkor Wat is one of those must visit places. I think it was at the Bayon where there’s a carving of a stegosaurus on one of the door mouldings……!




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