Still Life

Still Life


A reworking of an old favourite of mine taken in Colin Saul’s amazing shed.

Colin is one of the activists behind the Art & Crafts Trail that takes place in Kirkcudbright at the beginning of August each year and he is an ardent believer in the arts being accessible to all. Not only that but he has a hands on approach to creativity, making art out of found objects, producing environmental sculpture and advocating a non elitist and non judgemental philosophy concerning the arts. Colin, Pauline and Vivien are the essential mainstay of the event. All power to your elbow guys.



9 thoughts on “Still Life

    • Thanks Scot. This plus 25 or so other prints are being framed ready for the Kirkcudbright Art &Crafts weekend, 1 – 4 August and I’m hoping that the present glorious weather will bring in the crowds. The temperature reached 27C today which is unusual for Scotland…..wonderful!

      • Most welcome, my friend…and I wish you success with the Arts and Crafts weekend…your weather sounds wonderful, too…we’ll be up over 41 degrees Celsius today…so I will envy your moderate temperature…more than just a little bit. 🙂

          • They do say that it’s a dry heat, and while I have been attuned to the relative humidity for several years, can tell when it’s high or low, it’s still damn hot, regardless! And we cope by spending much of our time in-doors…or doing chores or taking walks in the early and late parts of the day….

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