Gregory’s Gang 2

Gregory's Gang 2


We don’t really know what the lives are others are like, do we?

It seems like many of us would prefer to keep it that way and spend our lives behind dark glasses, then no one can see into our souls.

Perhaps that’s because we don’t even know ourselves; about who we are, and what we want.

Maybe those dark glasses are to hide from ourselves as well.

Maybe they are to keep the darkness in, because we can never fully come to terms with that bit of darkness that lurks inside all of us.

There are only two people in this photo that we can ‘read’, the rest are incommunicado.

Eyes really are the windows to our soul.

It takes a brave person to bare their soul

Some days, I don’t feel that brave……



5 thoughts on “Gregory’s Gang 2

  1. I really like this photo, and as always I want more detail. Did they tell you why they were all wearing pink sunglasses? And who is Gregory? 🙂

    • I can only guess, LB, and that would be that it was Gregory’s stag do or birthday. Gregory gave me his email address and I posted the photos to him, but heard nothing more…..I hope they had a good get together.

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