Rajkot Haveli 2

Rajkot Haveli 2


As I have decided to scan the 600+ negatives from my 1997 trip to India, I thought that some of them could appear here, and this is a second view of this time worn but very proud structure.

You may have a vision of Indian towns heaving with people, so this view might provide an alternative and quieter perspective. The young boy has stopped his bike to have another look and the lady returning from her shopping expedition is looking a little warily at the interloper with the camera.

I booked two nights in the Veejay Guest house, then regretted it, but at about £1 a night I suppose it was all that I deserved. At midday I went to the Rainbow Restaurant and had stuffed tomatoes and rice which was divine, so I returned after taking this photo and had another good meal plus ice-cream. Perhaps on this occasion I was lucky. My experience with ice-cream in Indian has been somewhat turbulent, so I wouldn’t normally recommend it!


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