Cardoness Shore

Cardoness Shore


Time and space separate my posts, with yesterday taking us to see a steam train in India in 1997, while here we are at a quiet and beautiful part of the Scottish coastline just a few days ago.

Cardoness lies on the western edge of the Fleet Estuary and the walk along the sand is peaceful with only the occasional opportunity to say Hi! to another walker. In one of the small inlets there is a little stone built chapel standing on the rocks just above high water where visitors leave stones in memory of loved ones.

In my urge to capture one photo of the stake nets further up the beach, I wandered into a patch of mud, and in only two steps I was up to my calfs in thick, glutinous, sticky and very smelly mud. It took me about ten minutes to extricate myself, and my walking shoes, from this predicament, and when I returned home I had to use the garden hose to remove most of the mud from my legs and shoes.

It’s amazing how a pleasant walk can quickly turn into a bit of a disaster. Shan’t be walking out onto the mud again in a hurry, so there won’t be a need to leave a stone in the shore chapel for me, except perhaps to plea for more common sense and wisdom!



3 thoughts on “Cardoness Shore

  1. I like it a lot, John…the wonderful presence and texture of the rock in the foreground the the bit of green and blue above…very nice. And I’m glad that you were able to extricate yourself and your shoes from the muck and make it safely home…that would have been a sad passing….. 🙂

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