Last Sunday was my wife’s birthday and we had a wonderful day. The weather was perfect, so in the morning the grandchildren played in the paddling pool on the lawn, and then we went out for lunch at the Arden House Hotel. After lunch our sons entertained the children by rolling down a grassy bank outside the hotel. It’s lovely to watch the kids learning how to roll down a hill!

Then we went to the Summer Exhibition at the Town Hall in Kirkcudbright. The show covers the work of some of the Glasgow Girls many of whom visited or worked in and around Kirkcudbright, so there was much of local interest. It’s a great exhibition and we all enjoyed looking at the paintings, textiles and sculpture.

Madison and Gerard were also visiting the show and I took the opportunity to photograph Madison with Gerard’s permission, and what an intense persona he has with those large dark eyes. His relaxed confidence in front of the camera made the task of taking a couple of shots much easier than normal. A print will shortly be on its way to them both. Thanks guys.




7 thoughts on “Madison

    • Dear LB
      I am sad, perhaps a sad case, and today am feeling dispirited and without confidence…..full of uncertainty and unable to make a single decision….and you come along….as you do regularly, and you are thoughtful and very kind with your comment. Then I realise that I so rarely visit your blog, though I am a follower……and that makes me feel very guilty……because your travelogues are always interesting and they open up your world so that I feel that I’m looking over your shoulder….that lovely, lonely lake with the soft filter that speaks of the still heat of summer with the trees heavy with their rich growth of foliage….and for a moment I’m there with you listening to the slight rustle of the leaves and the calls of the wildlife……Ahh….that’s better….

      ,,,and I don’t even know your name….

      thanks for making my day a better one.
      Best regards, John.

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