From the Monsoon Palace

From the Monsoon Palace


When I find where I’ve put the diary that I wrote on this visit to Udaipur, perhaps I might be able to update my memory about the day I visited the Monsoon Palace. The Palace stands on a prominent hill overlooking the city of Udaipur, and I was taken up to it on the back of a scooter, by the nephew of the Maharaja, in whose Haveli I was staying. I had planned to stay in Udaipur for just a couple of days but ended staying for a week, such was the hospitality of the nephew and his wife. Udaipur is less hectic than most Indian cities and is well worth a visit.

This evening view of the lush landscape reminds me of the lovely shrubs and flowers that lined the road up to the top of the hill. This is a place that I would love to visit again.



9 thoughts on “From the Monsoon Palace

  1. That is quite a view, John…it must be wonderful, and maybe even a little frightening, to watch storms brew and unleash their fury across those valleys….

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