Steam Train at Morbi

Steam Train at Morbi


The casual relationship that the local populace has with the railway is what makes this scene for me. In tomorrow’s post you will maybe notice that the three boys in the centre of this view also appear there, thus demonstrating the attraction of railways to that age group, as it did for me when I was in my teens.

Morbi was, in 1997 when this view was taken. a part of the widespread metre gauge network on Indian Railways. There has been a considerable effort to convert much of the metre gauge to standard  gauge, so it’s likely that Morbi is now connected to the standard gauge network.

The fine station building is a mixture of Indian and European styles. At the time of my visit here, the Station Master informed me that I could only get permission to take photographs by applying to Mumbai. The result of that impossibility was to either bribe the station master, or to take my pictures surreptitiously. You can no doubt guess which option I chose. The consequence of this was that many of my photos are shot from the waist and are sloping this way and that. That’s the cost of freedom of expression….!



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