Playing Carrom

Playing Carrom


A cool passageway would seem to be the ideal location for playing a board game.

My first day in Rajkot and I wondered the quiet streets with my old Nikon EM loaded with colour print film, looking for photo opportunities. Looking back at those days of shooting with film makes you realise how profligate we have become now that we can take an unlimited number of photos, restricted only by the size and number of memory cards. I can remember sending off my 18 x 36 exposure films for processing and thinking how extravagant I had been. Today I can easily fire off 648 exposures in one day. Perhaps my photography hasn’t really improved. It’s just that the percentage opportunity of getting a reasonable shot is now greater.

The game that the boys are playing is called Carrom, and it’s popular throughout Asia.



5 thoughts on “Playing Carrom

  1. I’ve read several books over the years that took place in India…and your images give the stories a richness of color that informs my memories of them. Very nice, John.

    • That’s a lovely observation, Scott, and much appreciated. The scene has plenty of cultural and social content that I too find fascinating. I’ve not come across the board game before but an ‘Indian board games” search delivered the answer.
      Thanks Scott.

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