Did you see the chicken?

Did you see the chicken?


A roadside scene, and the kind of view that makes India really interesting but maybe here for the wrong reason..

This view was taken from our car as we drove out of Mysore and I didn’t see the chicken at the time, just an interesting huddle of roadside shacks!

Perhaps some aspects of food hygiene are being overlooked here, so a chicken in a plastic bag, in the heat of India, strikes me as a bad idea…. !


This is the last of my series of photos that were taken on November 17th last year. My 20th post from that day, and it was a very profitable day for photography. I would be interested to hear which of the 20 photos was your personal favourite?






11 thoughts on “Did you see the chicken?

  1. Many, many years ago I was a food hygiene and sanitation inspector with the military…and images like this, of the chicken singularly, cause my skin to crawl with wonder and dread at what might be growing all over and inside of that chunk of warm meat….. Aside from that, I enjoy the image very much…especially the color rendering from your processing. Well done, my friend.

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