Time for a Chat

Time for a Chat


A conversation piece.



6 thoughts on “Time for a Chat

  1. I rather like those carts, John…maybe commonplace, but ingenious and very practical, as well. At first glance, I had wondered if they were jerry-rigged or engineered by one or two people, but given the numbers of them in this one shot, I wonder now if they might not be manufactured.

    • Yes very common and highly suitable for itinerant market sellers…..perhaps we could wheel such a device down to the local market and sell our photos from it!
      A happy 4th family day to you Scott.

      • I used to see a gentleman selling jewelry from a table beneath a tent when I made my daily walks at Liberty Park in SLC…I’ll bet he’d enjoy a mobile table like that…he’d be able to cover more ground. And we’d be able to peddle our photos one one side of the park while he visited people on the other side. 🙂

        Thank you for the well-wishes for the day, John…we’ll be heading over to my oldest son’s house for the afternoon and evening in just a little while. Wishing you a nice weekend. 🙂

        • It’s my wife’s birthday on Sunday and we have middle and youngest sons and families staying, so we are looking forward to catching up and sharing our table with our loved ones.

          I need to sell a few prints….the pile is growing from exhibition work and competition prints., so a mobile table would be ideal.

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