Take No Prisoners!

Take No Prisoners!


A pride of beautiful females, with a matronly lady riding flank and keeping an eye on the younger troops….

The rich colours and impeccable detail brings confidence and authority, A force to be reckoned with.




13 thoughts on “Take No Prisoners!

      • Ya!!! My aunt – raised in GB insisted that “ya” was not in the dictionary and I should always use “yes”! Ya, I guess she was right. Oops. I guess the devil made me do it. lol

        • Sometimes I feel that our different spelling usage actually impacts on the feel of the word. I wrote this recently.

          Grey, gray.

          Somehow the American spelling strikes at the roots of the word and while grey is potentially rather chic and certainly refined; gray is soulless and leaden like a battleship.

          So I might consider grey as having a period feel, a French grey, maybe which with a certain pale yellow might be seen as very fashionable in Regency times, whereas gray is unremittingly dark and threatening like the onset of a storm; like a dead soldiers pallor, like those Crimean cannonballs photographed by Roger Fenton on the field of battle.

    • I felt somewhat intimidated so shot at chest height rather surreptitiously, but even so, I was observed, and held in a steely gaze. Fortunately I managed to avoid the handbag round the head manoeuvre and beat a hasty retreat….discretion being the better part of valour.

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