Mirrored 2

Mirrored 2


Tuesday 19th February 2013 started out overcast and wet on a day when it was intended we drive to Alleppey which is about 60km south of Cochin. After some misunderstandings we didn’t leave until after midday and so had to wait till 15.00 for lunch. The wait was worth it. We stopped at the Travancore Palace Restaurant which is a very smart traditional Kerala style restaurant where I had steamed fish and chapatti plus some seasoned diced chicken and vegetables; all very tasty.

This photo was taken as we passed through Kalavoor which is a village about 10km north of Alleppey. It shows a line of men waiting outside a Kerala State Beverages shop, presumably for beer or spirits.

In Alleppey we hired a houseboat for a cruise on the backwaters. This proved to be quite eventful……..



16 thoughts on “Mirrored 2

  1. Beautiful image, John. Very interesting composition, leaving majority of the frame to the reflections.
    Yea, this is a common sight in Kerala, the long and patient queue in front of beverage shops 🙂

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