Village Scene

Village Scene


The world moves on.

The light was what struck me when I took this picture and it wasn’t until I came to process it that I noticed that I had captured an old telegraph pole. They were common when I was young and I can remembered sitting in the back of my father’s car watching the looping shadows of the telegraph wires as they dipped and rose across the leather seats of our old Morris 10 when we went out for a drive each Sunday. They were a regular feature along main roads and railway tracks and some of them were massive structures with double poles.

The iconic red telephone box is disappearing fast as well and most of the surviving ones probably see little use now that everyone has a mobile phone. My parents live in this village. My Mum was 98 on June 2 and my Dad will be 100 in November. I put down their longevity to the fact that they were keen cyclists. Dad keeps asking if I will get him a tandem again…….



4 thoughts on “Village Scene

  1. wow – longevity does run in your family – whew – nice! and I like the old pole and red booth – nice. I would like to get a photo of an old milk machine sometime – anyhow, great shot.

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