Coast & Sky

Coast & Sky


What can I say that’s new about this viewpoint. After all we’ve stood here, you and me, many times before in all kinds of weather and all seasons. For this shot I stood precariously atop of the rocks, risking, once again, life and limb to bring you …….. mmm, I was going to say, all the best shots,…… but that’s for you to decide.

Recently there have been exercises going on just beyond the point that you can see, so occasionally you will hear and see helicopters buzzing around between there and Dundrennan Abbey, further east, and sometimes, at night, you will catch the sound of gunfire and explosions, if the wind is in the right direction. The area is known as Dundrennan Firing Range or the Kirkcudbright Training Area and has been in army hands since 1942. From this you might infer that this peaceful scene is part of a war zone but that’s not so. All you hear is the sound of the gulls and the gentle lapping of the waves, and in the summer months, the sound of children playing and building sand castles on the beach.



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