Back Lanes

Back Lanes


Kirkcudbright ……. pronounced, ker-coo-bree ……is a small coastal town in South-west Scotland with a population of about 3,600. The area is predominantly rural with the hills of the Galloway Forest Park to the north and the Solway and Irish Sea to the south, and so it is a region that relies mainly on agriculture, fishing, and tourism.

The old closes of Kirkcudbright are a feature of the High Street part of the town, down which you will find narrow and secluded paths between the houses that lead to pleasant and sometimes lengthy gardens that can be full of surprises, like behind ‘Greengates’ where you will find Colin’s shed which is often open for visitors to discover the delightful collection of old and interesting artefacts from a different age.

This scene, though, is one of the little used back lanes from another part of the town, and is only a stones throw from the main thoroughfare.



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