Gregory’s Gang

Gregory's Gang


With some time to myself I had wandered around Temple Bar on the South side of the Liffey and then crossed towards the Jervis Centre and headed West along Mary Street snapping street scenes on the way. Having paused at Capel Street, taking some alley views, I decided to walk towards Smithfield Market. Ahead of me a group of young men wearing pink spectacles seemed to be having a day of celebration, so I quickly passed them and then turned with the camera at the ready. At this point I could have been told to stop pointing my fecking camera at them…… fecking seems to be a customary Dublin greeting……but instead they immediately agreed to pose for a group portrait with this result. Gregory, the guy in the centre, asked me to email the photos which I did but the email came back as undeliverable. I modified the email address and sent it again. Not sure if Gregory got his pictures, and though it’s always nice to get a thank you, at least that’s another photo in the bag. I hope they enjoyed their celebrations.



9 thoughts on “Gregory’s Gang

    • Hi Lesley….nice bit of warm weather….and green everywhere….I’m out of my depth!….too much colour!

      I happily acknowledge receipt of your kind comment,…… Ha!….but no Euros from this old skinflint…

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