The Old Bridge

The Old Bridge


This is my one thousandth post, and I feel quite proud of achieving such a milestone with 1079 photos in the image library and 17 posts prepared but not yet posted.

I’m pleased with the variety of  subject matter and styles of presentation, and having to look out for suitable images on a daily basis has helped move my photography forward. Without doing this blog I probably would never have gained the confidence to stop people in the street in order to capture their portrait and it’s doubtful that I would have pushed my image processing as far as I have. Not only that but I’ve met so many kind and interesting people and got to know their work, and seen it develop. So thank you to those many friends who visit here frequently and offer a comment or some words of encouragement: it’s great to hear from you all.



12 thoughts on “The Old Bridge

  1. Congratulations on #1000! I’m looking forward to seeing the next few thousands!
    Having written this, I guess I might also drop a line on the photo in question. Apart from your style, which I do like very much, I think the composition of the scene is fascinating. A threefold bridge as in foreground, reflection and background (the latter sort of peeping through the arc of the first) accompanied with a dense and pretty spectacularly clouded sky. And a tree that seems to be depressed by the clouds… A huge “thumbs up” and if it would be possible to “like” a post twice I would have done so for sure.
    Oh, and keep on shooting! 😉

    • Your comment and encouragement is most gratefully accepted. There were times when I came close to stopping and it’s been hard but rewarding to keep going. As for the ‘next few thousand’ …. well I may not live that long, but thanks. I did feel that this image was a worthy one thousandths photo.
      Thank you, regards, John.

  2. John, congratulations on your 1000 posting. That is quite an accomplishment as you are very discriminating as to what images you share with us. I look forward to seeing your image each day.

  3. What a beautiful image for passing such a mile-stone, John…I absolutely love it….and congratulations to you, as well…1,000 posts already. 🙂

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