A Glass of Guinness

A Glass of Guinness


Wandering through Temple Bar in Dublin I came across Gogarty’s Bar. A magnet for visitors and for those wanting to sit and watch the world go by while sipping a glass of something cool and refreshing. These two have chosen Guinness, and why not, it’s brewed only a short distance down the road.

Just thinking about it gets my taste buds feeling deprived.



6 thoughts on “A Glass of Guinness

  1. Hi John …. I will be there at the end of the month. I’m taking a group of Belgian civil servants for two days to Dublin. It’s an immersion trip. I’ve been running two groups for the Walloon region. I am really looking forward to… two things: the Guinness and the book of Kells 🙂

    • ….and I’m certain that you will enjoy both. If you get time to visit Temple Bar there are at least 3 places of photographic interest. In Meeting House Square there’s the National Library with free photo exhibitions and the Gallery of Photography also with free shows and an excellent book shop. At around 46 Temple Bar there’s I think it’s called the Original Print Gallery that specialises in photography magazines and limited edition photography books that’s definitely worth a browse. Have a great time.

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