At the Chip Shop

At the Chip Shop


Friday night is fish night, so off I went to get a large bag of chips and four pieces of battered fried-fish with lashings of salt and vinegar. Delicious! That should keep the family happy.

I’m not sure whether the man on the right was watching what I was doing with the camera, or whether he was looking outside for some youngsters. As you might detect, I was holding the camera so that I could use the swivelling screen at chest height and with a careful touch on the focus point on the screen and the exposure is made. This is a very useful way of taking photos without fingers going anywhere near the shutter release button on the top of the camera, and makes the use of the camera a little less obvious.



9 thoughts on “At the Chip Shop

  1. 🙂 – As it happens, we had our first portion of ‘proper’ fish and chips for a couple of months for tea last night! As you say, delicious – but it will be another few weeks before we have some more.

    • The view up my trouser leg would not be worth the effort Tim!
      Actually on our recent visit to Dublin I did see a photographer laid out on the ground shooting up at passers by.
      Photographers are a funny lot, don’t you think?

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