Would the Thrusters Fire?

Would the Thrusters Fire?


They had traversed Ke Kwan and the Catchment of Deneb. The Colonies of the Outer Ring were fleeing the gravitational field at the galaxy centre and were preparing to put down on Algiedi’s third planet. The lander had not been activated since before Kingsley was born. No one was absolutely certain that the systems would come back on line and they had no more replacement parts. Somewhere down the years they had lost the knowhow to start manufacturing motherboards of such complexity. Some wanted to press on. The fear of being drawn into the black hole was ever present, a dark brooding fear that clutched at sense and rationality, but they needed supplies. Six months would give them time to replenish dwindling resources, then they could make the jump. They had, at most, four months. Would the thrusters fire?

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