Waiting: Sleeping: Hoping

Waiting: Sleeping: Hoping


Sometimes colour is a false colour, speaking of jollity and liveliness. Living is not always done in a brightly coloured world.

Remove the colour and the reality that’s suggested is an altogether different kind of story.

The ‘waiting’ is obvious, but the ‘sleeping’ figure is not. The ‘hoping’? Well sometimes that’s hard to come by.

Many people I’ve spoken with say that they would never go to India because they couldn’t cope with the poverty. It’s a reality, but going to such places helps, simply by spending some money. Better still would be to go and help a charity on the spot, or by giving. Generally most people that you meet greet you with a smile and they are usually optimistic and almost invariably hard working but life is tough for many.

This street market in the mountain town of Ooty is opposite the most beautiful and delicate white marble Jain temple. Contrast and colour is what makes India a special place to visit, but there are grey and monochrome lives everywhere, not just here. Perhaps that’s why I come……



7 thoughts on “Waiting: Sleeping: Hoping

  1. I agree with your sentiments completely John, India is a truly magical place full of diversity from the super rich to the wildest extremes of poverty, a ought place to live but a beautiful place to love 🙂

    I love the reduction in colour, it makes this image!

    Cheers Mark

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