Kannur Reflections

Kannur Reflections


I just don’t remember taking this photo, but I’m pleased I did. I seem to have released the shutter at the perfect moment, a car in motion, a stomping man, a texting man, and a man catching up on the day’s news.

Some of our travels in Kerala were done in a Suzuki Swift. Neat little car, though the traffic is somewhat scary.



5 thoughts on “Kannur Reflections

  1. I agree. I like the sense of movement that the image creates. I also like how, by using a long aperture setting, you’ve kept the background in focus. The reflections on the sides of the door are appealingThis allows my exploring eye to build a narrative that would be possible if the background was out of focus.
    Sorry, I don’t have time for more and I’ve not commented on your photos for the last couple of days. I’ve been working on a one person photography exhibit that I’ll have at a university in Tainan, Taiwan. For the first time I’ll have a large body of printed work to show someone. I’m still trying to find a specific focus but I’m leaning toward the landscapes that I did in Oregon during the three month residency at Sitka my wife and I had at the end of last year.

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