Rural Decay

Rural Decay


I have driven past this barn about three times a week for the last four years, and on 27 March I actually had my camera with me, and the sun was filtering through the trees across the roof tiles…..and the dog, who was sitting on the back seat, couldn’t understand, when we were supposed to be going to visit Granny and Gramps, why we had stopped here.

So here we are at Girstingwood Farm, a lovely location above the Abbey and village of Dundrennan, with fine views towards the sea over the valley of Abbey Burn….which leads down to the shore at……Abbeyburnfoot.

I was recently visiting the interesting blog of friend Lesley Treloar and very much admired her post on Rural Burgundy.

Particularly for her fine sepia interpretations, and so my photo today was inspired by Lesley’s lovely photography. Do go and look at her work.



9 thoughts on “Rural Decay

  1. The barren branches spread out to see
    the floor was filled with hay stack and fleas
    old well was dried up, no birds came on spree
    door seemed broken, chimney got stuffed with tree
    a barren life, full of how that picture portrayed
    miseries ,agonies and loneliness to me
    decaying heart has little hope and no remedy
    it died waiting for death..and got late as by-product
    irony :)) life is a song sung with little melody

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