Walking Home

Walking Home


Lying towards the North-eastern corner of the Hampi landscape is the Purandaradasa Mandapam. Beyond it, and on the other side of the Tungabhadra, is the Anegondi area with the prominent  Anjaneya Hill on which stands a temple dedicated to Hanuman, the monkey god.

If I ever return to Hampi, the area beyond the river is one I should like to explore.



4 thoughts on “Walking Home

  1. John, I came back to your posting because there was something that appealed to me. I did not have the time then to look at it closely. This time I had more time and realized it was the composition. The road and how you positioned yourself so it would go from the right foreground and lead back across the center back of the photo. Also the river on the left foreground moving back to meet the road in the left center background to form a “V” shape. The people on the right balance the river and bridge. The sky with the clouds also add to the image. This would be nice image to see much larger than I do on my small screen. Nice image that has a historic quality to it.

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